Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yo yo headband tutorial

I have wanted to do different things with yo-yo's for awhile now and thought this a likely project. I hope you enjoy it too! It was very quick and easy. I will be making a couple more I think.
These are the things you will need: a circle of fabric approx. 17cm diameter, a circle of felt (I would have used my pinking shears if I had them with me but just eyeballed the wobbly edge) approx. 5cm diameter, some pretty buttons, needle and thread, coloured thread if you want the top button to have a colour other than white.
Stitch in a long running stitch around the perimeter of the fabric circle about 5mm in from the edge (no need to knot the end of the thread). Leave a tail of thread where you started. I used a double thread for extra strength for the gathering stage and for sewing it on to the headband.
Do one tie and then pull the threads, gathering as you pull each end of the thread....

until it looks like this, all gathered in the middle. Whilst holding it tight, knot the thread and cut off the extra thread, leaving the needle end still attached.
Place decorative piece of felt and button(s) on top and stitch up through it all. Stitch through all layers to secure.

Stitch to headband securely underneath.

This is with one button and...

this is with an exta decorative button with the contrasting thread. You could use the coloured thread for the whole project if it will be needed for the contrast on the last button.

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  1. So cute!! I just bought a bunch of headbands for my daughter. This is a perfect way to pretty them up. Thanks.



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