Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hmmm, how does one start?

As a first entry, are there any rules to follow? I am guessing not so will just comment on my day, creativeness included or not.

Today is a lovely wintery, rainy day here in Montevideo and I have had the luxury of not having anything to do save play with my 3 year old little boy, Lord A, and do some baking. Those two activities inevitably became intertwined and I really must remind myself to enjoy the moment and not worry about extra scatterings of flour everywhere! You know, I never noticed my obsessive-compulsive personality traits until I had children and they started to, in the way only children can, rearrange my life (and often my cupboards!). Anyway, we successfully negotiated the cracking of eggs and the pouring of the flour to make some deliciously simple chocolate chip cookies (or biscuits if you are Australian like me) and banana muffins with a lemony cream cheese icing. Yum! Now, back to playing with Lord A.....


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