Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well we had a busy day yesterday, fun wise. Firstly, we made chocolate chip cookies (like the ones I have made before many many times), then hot cross buns and then nature journals.

The hot cross buns almost didn't turn out as I was a little impatient getting them out of the oven but popped them back in and all was saved! Thankfully all that rising and waiting time wasn't in vain....I just loooove them hot from the oven with a little bit of butter melting into them.

I have been wanting to do this for awhile so finally found a couple of old but empty exercise books to use as nature journals. We covered them in pretty paper (Miss E also decorated hers beautifully), gathered a few supplies (crayons, pencils, sticky tape, clipboard, camera) and set out in the back yard.

Here are our leaf rubbings - we loved doing these.

I was thrilled to find this beetle 'skin' cast off on the trunk of a tree to show the kids.

We also added a feather each. A is a little young for this activity but he helped collect leaves and just generally followed us around enjoying being outside.

I think we will use Miss E's library bag as a hold-all for our nature journals and supplies and we can take it with us on outings to the park etc.
I might set up a nature table next...

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