Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flower headband tutorial

Yay for a quiet day at home. It was lovely, even with David home with 'man flu' (ie. a normal cold that is so, so much worse when you are a man...). After our very busy last few days of socialising, easter egg hunts, playgroup, circus etc. we were all happy to stay home and chill.

I even managed to squeeze in one crafty accomplishment. I love making these little flowers and normally I only make them out of felt but decided to use some fabric and yarn this time too just for something different. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.

This is not an exact science as to the size of the petals so I just cut the first one out in the general shape I am thinking of and then copy that for the remaining petals. I cut five for the first layer in fabric and three slightly smaller petals in felt for the second layer. Obviously this part is open to any interpretation so just have fun with it!

After cutting them all out I used a long running stitch on the base of the fabric petals. You do not need to knot the end of the thread.

After they are all on the thread you simply tie the thread and knot it, gathering the petals into the middle as the thread is pulled and you end up with the flower shape. Knot this a couple of times.

Repeat for the felt petals.

Put the felt petals on top. I then just bunched up a short'ish length of orange yarn and plonked that on top of the petals then finished with a cute button. Then I stitched through all layers to attach the button and to hold it all together. Does that all make sense??

This is before I had stitched through all the layers.

I then stitched it all onto a little stretchy elastic headband of Miss E's. You can easily attach these to hair clips, fabric hairbands, safety pins (to make a brooch), hair bands etc.

Have fun!

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  1. It turned out so beautiful. I'm not good in stitching but I will give it a try. Hoping for a good outcome. LOL :)



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