Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Easter weekend...

Well, we had a full on weekend over Easter. On Good Friday we managed to find our way up to the remains of the fort (with the military museum at the top) and enjoyed the beautiful view over Montevideo.

Saturday I took Miss E for some special Mummy & daughter time shopping to buy some knitting needles as she is desperate to learn (I will have to re-learn myself!) and I thought we could work on this together. She hugged me more than once while we were wandering around the shopping centre to say how much she was enjoying just her and me spending time together. I really, really enjoyed it too and it is obviously something we need to do more of (I miss that intense one on one time together from when she was the only one).

Then yesterday we spent the day at our friends, Dave & Chris', house for the last of 3 easter egg hunts (the best I think - only 6 children and about 200 eggs!) and then spent the majority of the day chatting and lazing around with a cool drink and yummy food while the kids played happily. Bliss.

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