Friday, April 3, 2009

The dreaded lurgy....

This is what happens when you do too much and run on too little sleep...the dreaded lurgy gets you. Miss E has been home all week with a double ear infection and a horrible cold, which she has lovingly shared with myself and A now. Ugh. Anyway, I have been only eating fresh fruit and vegetables since yesterday and am feeling a little better. I can't say the same for poor little A who coughed and spluttered most of the night. I LOVE the fact that David likes to do night duty and he let me sleep. What a man.

Well, I haven't been doing much of anything for the last couple of days except going through the hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos on my hard drive trying to weed some out, file them appropriately etc. Anyway I came across one of my favourite furniture rehabs that I did awhile ago. Well, good friend/buddy/pal Barry did most of the actual woodwork but I had the ideas and did the painting!

This is an old bookcase that I had hanging around and wanted to use it in Miss E's new 'big girl' room.

This is the bookcase after adding a new top and bottom (and some bun feet) and painting it all in gloss white (forgive the photo quality). I love it! We did this a few years ago and I still love to think about how it looked before. I think before and after shots are my favourite actually!

In that vein, I will show you Miss E's bed in progress and finished. Love it too! I designed this one (using vintage ones as inspiration obviously - this basic design has been around for a looong time) and David and Barry made it. I used instructions on how to put a bed together from Better Homes and Gardens - can't remember which issue. This photo was taken in our house in Australia before we headed off on the expat trail.

Barry also made the toy boxes under the bed - they are on castors and hold an insane amount of toys!
I may do a few posts of all our woodworking exploits - I sure do miss my power tools! Oh well, one day when we are back in Australia I can get back into it (David, that thought will make you soooo happy! :-)).

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