Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hello there!  Yes, I am still alive and kicking over here.  Wow, didn't quite mean to take that much of a break but there you go, life happens.  Between some residual health issues and the constant round of school, kids' activities, having to feed people and so on, the time just slipped away.  Honestly, that is going to be my one New Year's resolution -  There must be a way that doesn't involve going to live in a remote cabin in the woods and removing yourself from civilisation (as tempting as that sounds some days!).  Humour me, tell me there is.....

Well, I am just dropping in to show a couple of quick Christmassy projects I did around here and then I won't be back until the New Year.  I hope you are all having a wonderful, wonderful holiday season - no matter how fast it ran up on us all.

My first quickie decorating project involved this awesome thrift store find - this beautiful apothecary jar for a mere $12.  I have managed to find a reasonable number of small ones in thrift stores but I am in love with this larger beauty.  Miss E and I very quickly and simply decorated it with epsom salts in the bottom for snow, a little miniature tree I had picked up at Michael's awhile ago (with just this sort of project in mind) and a couple of Schleich animals from the kids' collection.  Then I tied a little snowflake patterned ribbon to the top knobby thing.  A white and silver glitter pompom may have made its way in there too. :)

I have this sitting on the little bookcase I use for our very small front entrance next to one of my blue mason jars with some sticks decorated with glittery little birds and shiny and glittery stars.  Last year I tried to wind tiny little battery operated lights onto these branches and they were a royal pain and they didn't look that great except at night when they were lit (plus they went through batteries like nobodies business) so, obviously, I didn't use them this year again.  I prefer them without anyway and am glad that A didn't remember them because that boy sure does like a string of lights!

One other touch I did was to take my boy scout troop fundraising wreath (say that 3 times fast) with the big red bow and just changed out the bow so it didn't clash with my orange front door.  Yes, I painted our front door orange.  With our landlady's blessing.  She is awesome like that and I am glad because it makes me ridiculously happy every time I drive home and see it welcoming me.  Now I just need to paint those little red bells on the pinecones.... or not.  Probably won't get done if I'm honest. :)  The bow is big enough to distract from that anyway, right?  Plus, who cares???  We aren't talking about heart transplants here.

Lastly I had a go at some chalkboard art on the kids' easel which sits in the corner of our dining room (I googled chalkboard message images and found this one but cannot find the link now).  I have taken to drawing and writing seasonal messages on it.  I love looking over from the kitchen to the dining room and seeing the pretty words (which look better from a distance - you can't notice the mistakes then!).  Not sure what quote I will put up for the New Year.  Got any favourites?  Please share!

 Anyway, those are a few of my simple little touches around our home.  Simple little touches are all I can manage this year but I kind of like it like that.

So I will sign off for 2012 now and see you in 2013 (barring any disasters on the 21st...)!  :)


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