Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

Like the rest of you, I have a teensy little addiction to Pinterest.  It has finally come to my attention that viewing projects on the internet is not actually the same as doing them yourself.  I know, who knew huh??  So, with that in mind, I am setting myself a challenge to actually make some of the projects I have pinned.  Here is my list of pinned projects I would like to get done next week.

Start on my goal of refreshing my memory and re-learning how to crochet ...

Attempt to hand stencil a pillow using a fabric marker pen ... 

Make a hand towel for the kitchen that looks better than an old dish rag.

How about you, anyone else been challenging themselves to actually make some of their pinned projects?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012


Look at what I found (well, bought anyway)!  Let's just say that I have a veeeeery patient husband... ha ha.  He sees me walk through the door with this over my shoulder and barely batted an eye.  Ok, he may have groaned a little when he saw this one.  But I can see the beauty in her!  I am hoping the fabric on those legs will be easy to remove (fingers crossed).  We have wanted a bench seat like this for the foot of our bed and this is the perfect size and the right shape for a very cheap price so I am going to have a crack at rehabilitating her.  I can't wait to see if the vision in my head matches the reality (sadly, a rare occurrence).

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Dreaded Lurgy *

My whole family has come down with a 'community virus' - whatever that means.  First A on Tuesday, then myself  and E yesterday and now my husband has finally fallen today.  It is rather dreadful - A is still suffering with high temps on day 4 although not as high as the start thankfully.  Miss E is still in very high temp land and so is dear husband now.  Despite how awful we are all feeling, and having all our plans and activities going by the wayside, I am very grateful that we are able to just hang around at home snuggled in front of a fireplace sipping soup and eating vegemite toast until we feel better (seriously though, how many episodes of House Hunters can HGTV run???).

* I know this phrase isn't well known here in the US but, especially for when my sisters read this, it actually came from The Goon Show in 1954.  I wonder if Dad knows that?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waiting to dry

My favourite part of doing embroidery?  Washing out the blue marker that I used to draw the design onto the fabric and seeing the design 'clean'.  Now I just have to wait for this one to dry and find a suitable frame.


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