Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love stamps!

I came across this fabulous blog the other day and have been reading her previous posts enthusiastically when I came across this post about making your own stamps from white erasers. Well, I very quickly knocked out this (poor) copy of someone's design (from a very old scrap of eraser I had lying around - as you can see...) and I am hooked!! Get me some more white erasers!! I just used a large stanley knife for this so I think I need the carving tools too now. No, I am SURE I need the carving tools now. I also need to find out where to get those lovely big white slabs her son carved in (how talented is he??). Anyone know?
p.s. if any of my family read this, those books would make an excellent birthday present, hint hint...
p.p.s. if I find the designer of the simple leaf pattern I will post it here soon! I was playing '100 link throughs' and lost track....


  1. Oooh...peeking through your posts. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    I did this eraser project on Sunday night, with a pink eraser. For a makeshift carving tool, on the cheap, pull the eraser out of the end of a pencil. Crimp one side of the remaining metal clamp into a V shape, and leave the other side as it is. Voila! A cheap carving tool for a cheap stamp. Total cost for the project - $.55. Now THAT is a project I can get behind! (My tute will post tomorrow morning if what I'm saying doesn't make sense.)

  2. Thanks for the tip and for your kind comments! Will definitely try this while I begin my search for lino cutting tools...



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