Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brownie love & baking bloopers

I have had a very, very busy week/month/year so far with there not being much sign of it letting up....  

Part of that has been that I have been doing my share of hosting things and my final (for now) 'hosting' event took place this morning and, whilst I love my book club, I have hosted the last three meetings (they are every fortnight) and every single one has coincided with something stressful just before.   The first meeting was the morning after a party for 40 the night before (p.s. NEVER have a big party on a Tuesday night....).   I like to do most of the catering for these things from scratch so more fool me really!   Anyway, I managed to pull off all the salads (I had a little help with the salads to be fair) and desserts for the party as well as a morning tea spread for 10am the next morning for about 25 people.   That was not a fun first round!   The second one found me with one 'ear infected' child and another vomiting child all the night before (thank you dear Hubby for doing most of the night shift!) and, today, the third one came 3 days after another partly self catered party for about 30, an attempt to find a kinder for my youngest and helping some dear friends shift house (not that I did that much, sorry Em & A! - running out of steam....).  

So, here is how last night went:
5pm - cook dinner for starving children, feed aforementioned starving children, bath children etc.
8pm - children in bed
8.10pm - hop on internet for quick look and sit entranced in a semi-conscious tired state
10.45pm - finally force myself to realise that I REALLY need to decide what I am going to cook 
11.45pm - after much toing and froing finally start to actually cook
12.10am - drop a hot pan of melted butter all over cooktop and kitchen floor (I told you I was tired)
12.11am - stand looking at it and realising I am even past the point of being able to cry about it
12.11.35am - dear Hubby comes running, looks at me and hastily runs for a bucket of hot water to clean the floor for me (no, he does not have a single brother!)
12.20am - resume cooking
1.00am - finish both dishes, turn lights out and off to bed!

That 7.30am alarm call came all too fast I can tell, with that in mind, enjoy the picture of my labours and I am outta here and laying on my oh-so-sweet pillow!  Buenos noches...

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