Monday, April 20, 2009

Day One of Turnoff Challenge

I'll start with the worst bits - there weren't any really! The kids did ask to watch TV/play on the computer a couple of times but weren't too bothered when I said they had used up their time already (first thing this morning!). Considering I had one sick child home from school...not bad!

Other activities done instead: lots of drawing, I finally cleaned up my craft/office area, kids did some bug catching and set up a trap to try and catch a bird (good luck with that one!), lots of outside play (they always do that anyway though), cards made for relatives, reading, stamping and a little bit of sewing. More than has been done in a week! Aims for tomorrow - maybe we will make butter together!

Best comment of the day came when we were sitting together chatting at dinner. My six year old asked how long the turnoff challenge was for (I told her maybe for good!) and then I told her that I enjoyed not having tv for a couple of years when I was a kid. Her response: "did you have funner times without tv in the olden days?" (hence the photo....)

Olden days???? How old do I look????? (breathe, breathe......) Just kidding, made me laugh!

(somewhat related story: a few years ago when my sister and I were driving past our childhood home we pointed it out to my sister's daughter - who was about 7 at the time - and she responded with 'wow, and it is still standing!') That was YOU, darling Jamie, if you read
p.s. I might show Miss E that photo and tell her I am third from the left or something...she will probably believe me!



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