Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Two of Turnoff Challenge

Another easy peasy day as far as reduced screen time....well, to be honest, for the kids anyway (A - 0 minutes, Miss E - 20 mins). I am not doing so well personally! However I am blaming it on my insomnia - what is a girl to do at 5am while everyone is sleeping?

I had such a busy day that not much crafting was done but I did manage to doodle on some rocks quickly. Pretty lame but amused me for a couple of minutes! Looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow......
Sooo tired after being up at 5am (especially seeing as I went to bed at midnight......yes, Katy, night guy got me!!) so I am outta here. Good luck with turnoff time for tomorrow everyone (including myself)!


  1. I love the rock doodles. What are you going to do with them? Would look nice clustered (obviously will have to do more *g*) in a bowl.

  2. Thanks Carmen! I was thinking about doing gift boxes of homemade items for family this year (well for my sisters and nieces particularly) and I was thinking of adding (better versions) of these to the box. Just as a little something. But I have a whole bunch of these smooth rocks so I will be doodling for awhile... I bought a tiny fine paintbrush so I can use other colours too.



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