Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hump Day Colour Inspiration

Mint green is a hot colour trend right now as you would have noticed.  I like it well enough but don't have any inclination to decorate with it.  Miss E, however, is full on in love with this pretty colour.  She has gone back and forth between a love of green and pink over the years but is now over the last pink phase totally.  So, we have been slowly de-pinkifying (that is a word) her room and adding in some mint green touches.  That is the inspiration behind my hump day colour round up today.  Let's enjoy some minty freshness (ha ha):

 Pretty pillow (I love that cross symbol).

These are so classic.

Dining room with a green chair - beautiful wood tones here. (Via)  

 Mint green grandfather clock.

More lovely green chairs in an equally lovely dining room.
(there is a pic collage - this is the last one but the others are good too)

This side table might just change my mind about decorating with mint green - love it!
(you just need to scroll down a bit for this particular pic) 

What's not to love about this little guy?  So adorable. 

Ha ha, cute.

Swoon (although I would prefer sky blue or grey - oh yes, grey would be lovely here).

So, tell me, are you on the mint green wagon or not?


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