Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More easter crafty fun

This will be a quick one because it is 10.30pm, I still have the dreaded lurgy and I really should be in bed but wanted to do a post today and only just finished everything else. Well, finishing stuff and uploading easter egg hunt and circus photos on Facebook.....

So, with school holidays here and easter looming we managed an egg craft. That is to say, we used the lovely little hollow plastic eggs that were given out at the easter egg hunt for a fun craft. Not necessarily an easter themed craft, what with aliens and all.....you get the picture.

Anyway, after getting a bunch of these cool hollow eggs I was wondering what to do with them when the lovely Mister Maker just happened to come on TV with this little idea. Serendipity! We did them straight away.

I don't think instructions are really needed here. We just cut out various features and appendages and glued them on as well as googly eyes. Oh, you just need to put a little ball of modelling clay inside to help them stay up. That's it really. Miss E had a ball doing them though.

This one is Miss E and A's 'bug box'. I just used a really sturdy shoe box I had lying around (hard to believe that I would have one of those, isn't it Lynette?). I cut a big hole in the lid and glued some clear plastic to the inside frame for the window. A little grasshopper lived happily in there for at least, oh, 2 hours before they couldn't help but set him free. Oh well, it is ready for the next bug invasion!

This is the easiest dress up costume I have ever done! Miss E wanted to be a fox, we had fuzzy orange pipecleaners lying there so I wrapped a couple around her headband and voila! She played fox happily for quite awhile. Mind you, she keeps asking for a tail and I am running thin on ideas of how to do a nice big fluffy tail when I don't have access to any orange faux fur. Thinking, thinking......

This cute crown was inspired by this over at WhiMSy love. I just made mine bigger to fit on their heads and I didn't have any jewels or sparkly pipecleaners so pink and orange it had to be! I couldn't get one of them to stand still so I could get a picture of it on one of their heads.

Well, that's it for the last few days. Not sure when my next post will be as I need new batteries for my camera. I am hoping I won't have a hard time buying lithium ones here....

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