Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30 - Quick last minute Halloween decorations

Halloween kind of came too quickly for me this year.  I have been pinning fun ideas, recipes etc. and then, bang!, it's here and I am not really ready!  Sometimes I spend way too much time thinking about and planning for something rather than actually getting it done.  Tell me I am not alone in that! (no need to respond Anonymous - aka B!)

I did manage to do this idea above though, at the begging of my children to decorate properly (you mean the electric jack-o-lantern in the window and the foam bat on the front door isn't enough??).  This isn't my house obviously but I used this idea on our front door (and side glass panels), as well as adding a couple of hanging black lanterns with orange candles on either side of the porch entrance plus some carved pumpkins and fake spider web I had from last year and we are looking quite festive now!  I will have to try and get a photo of it for tomorrow.

Lesson learned? - start decorating for Thanksgiving immediately and I might actually have it done a few days before the day!  Ditto Christmas....

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  1. I find that in my world, somehow there is only one day between Thanksgiving and Christmas! ;)



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