Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26 - Random stuff

I still have my awful, awful headache (if it goes for longer than a day even after taking painkillers is that technically a migraine? - I can still function though).  All thoughts of crafting/making over our bedroom have been abandoned for now.  So far today I have managed to get dressed and fold two loads of laundry and that will have to be it.

Yesterday, I did get my movie program framed (not hung obviously).  Wow, that yellow looks neon in this photo.  It is actually a much calmer sandy yellow in real life.  Didn't that frame come up a treat?  I love it now.  Our bedroom is going to be white, grey and yellow with touches of purple when I am done.  I have some fabulous ideas and can't wait to show you.

Oh, I also managed to walk the kids to the bus stop this morning and lookie what I found beside one of my distant neighbour's rubbish bin?  Niiiice.  I have been looking for one for the kids playroom for all my indoor plants to live on for the winter so I can have them in the sunniest room in the house but be able to wheel it out of the way when needed.  I had a quick look at it as it seemed broken but there is just one little screw missing and it could use some new glue.  Easy peasy.

One other random thought, I just thought I should let you know that all the planets must be aligned in some 5,000 year random pattern.  Want to know how I know?  Not one, but two, family members random socks all matched up!  Amazing but true.

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