Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9 - Sunday stuff

A photo wrap up of our weekend and what I have been doing today...

(obviously this is why autumn is called 'fall' here in North America - that is not dead grass, friends, it is all leaves...)

(sitting with E trying to knock over her homework for the week - with emphasis on the word 'trying'....)

(hexbugs getting ready to go into battle - A's recent birthday present is getting good play time) 

(making numbers with A on a Lego mat)

(bustiers and hardhats go so well together I think) 

(matching bustiers are the new 'it' thing for Lego couples...)

(you never know who you are going to meet crossing the road in this town)

(on Friday we headed to South Dakota for a karate tournament - saw this wind energy farm on the way there - this photo from my phone doesn't do it justice.  It looked pretty awesome.)

(thanks to aforementioned tournament, now I have to find somewhere to put these... the kids did well but just about everyone in the younger age groups gets a trophy regardless so you end up with a truckload of the things)

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  1. legos are the best! my girls are finally getting into them! yay!



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