Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 16 - Sunday funnies

My bloggy friend, Aunt Lolo, shared this with me and I laughed so much I thought I would share it with you.

Basic Lessons for Boys from amy drucker on Vimeo.

This post brought to you as part of Blogtoberfest.


  1. that. (The song has been driving me nuts all night...who sings it??! I recognize that voice out of my past...but I canNOT figure out who it is.)

  2. Umm...DUH. I have Shazam on my phone. ;-) It's Country Life, by the Crash Test Dummies. I feel better now.

  3. Brilliant video, had me in kinks. Lee xx

  4. There's a term for that and I can tell from all the giggles that it may be too late for some of you? ha ha :)

    PS: I love how I can come to this comment section and automatically be given a username or a passord to use elsewhere. Thanks Word Verification. Cheers, "Ancheus" :)



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