Monday, October 10, 2011

From Russia with love

I finished up my second russian doll embroidery a couple of months ago (first one is here if you would like to check it out) and have been mulling over how to frame it (not the whole time obviously...just when I think of know...).  Let's see.  Leave it in the hoop?  Paint or yarn wrap the hoop and leave it in there?  Frame it?  Hmmm, let's try that.  I have a few basic white frames lying about (as you do).  White fabric doesn't look right against white frame...  need a border... ric rac?  that would look cute... don't have red ric rac... have to go to store...  trying to stay on budget and not spend money....  almost impossible to go to craft store and ONLY buy needed ric rac.... hmmm, what else...  aha!  red card cut with scallop scissors!  I like it!  (of course, now I am thinking I need a teeny square frame...)

(I won't bore you with the whole thought and action process behind trying to just take the darn photo... aarrrghhhh...) (you are welcome)

This post brought to you as part of Blogtoberfest.



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