Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 - Thrift Store Tuesday

Dang, I missed yesterday... just too busy...

So, today I am back with some thrift store goodies plus I would love some ideas.

I found these vintage fabrics (just had to get them - they remind me of something we had in the 70's as children - Lynette or Sheryl, do you remember what?? did we have clothes in this sort of fabric?).  I don't usually lack in the ideas department but any ideas for what to make with them?  I thought I might use some of one to make an a-line knee length skirt for E to wear.  Trying to think what else to do with them....  I thought of cute soft toys but I don't have the need to make any with my kids being older.  I like these coloured plastic embroidery hoops for the kids to use too.  They look pretty on the wall when you hang them in a child's room.

I also bought this beautiful crystal bowl.  I think I am going to give it to someone as a gift but not sure.  I might just re-sell it on eBay.  I bought it because my Mum has mentioned on more than one occasion some red drinking glasses that she missed out on at an auction and I am always searching for some for her.  I am not sure if this is the style she meant or not.  Sandra, is this what those glasses looked like??

I scored these two glass bottomed lamps for just $5 ea.  Pardon the bad light, they are being stored in the basement for now.  Obviously the shades need to be changed (somehow my living room just isn't going to rock the disco vibe) but these lamps are usually pretty pricey so I am very happy with these.  I don't have many lamps as the ones we brought here all have different plugs (from different countries) so these will do very nicely.

I hardly ever shop at Target anymore!


  1. oh wow! those glass bottomed lamps have HUGE HUGE POTENTIAL!!!

  2. That fabric is great! It would look great mounted on cheap canvases from Michaels and hung up in your girls' bedroom...? Or skirts...



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