Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 22 - Security envelope re-use

I pinned this image in Pinterest a short time ago because I thought this was such a clever and simple idea.  I really like the patterns inside bill and junk mail envelopes and, as this person did, if you turn them inside out you can reuse them.  Love it.

I have been saving envelopes for a little while after I read somewhere else about using the cute patterns for paper crafts so I had a stack of them waiting.  Only problem was most of them were window faced envelopes so I decided to rip them open, make a mini envelope template and make a stack of little envelopes.  I thought these would be so cute for gift tags with little cards made to fit inside (that reminds me, I have two miniature cards and envelopes that I think I bought when I was about 12 years old and have never used because I just adore the cuteness of them - random thought).

Then, of course, the brain doesn't stop there.  Wouldn't tiny little address labels look cute?

How about tiny little stickers to close them?

Hmmm, who should I mail this to?  Look, she is so happy to be getting mail!  I think even my non girly daughter will love these.

I have another idea for these that I hope I get to tomorrow.  It will be great if I can get it to look how it looks in my head right now.  I know, it is an exciting world over here....  :-)


  1. What a great idea, never seen it before. Thankyou for sharing

  2. these are great ! ... we don't get them here do we ?

  3. @ Rowantree - I know, it is such a simple idea! Love it.
    @ Karen - yep, you do. A couple of these patterns came from NAB and Ing Direct statement envelopes so you will be able to find them for sure.

  4. What a fun series of posts to read through over lunch. These envelopes are adorable. I wonder what my mister will say if I tell him I want to keep the bill envelopes for a while... Perhaps I should get rid of the rest of the paper piles in the kitchen first... : )



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