Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24 - Old frame makeover

I have had this picture (that I probably bought in the late 80's/early 90's) languishing in our basement waiting for a makeover.   Stylin'!  Look at that lovely yellow frame... (excuse my totally crappy blurry photo - A has developed the bad habit of trying to run into every shot I take so I was trying to be quick before he noticed me!  Little angel...).

Well, hubster is away for a few days so I decided to give our very bare bedroom a bit of a makeover (I may or may not show photos of this - depends how it all pans out).  Nothing drastic but I haven't added any homey touches to it since we moved in a year ago and I figure we need a nicer space for ourselves.

First up, this frame is getting a beautiful coat of shiny black.

Random aside - A has been dying to spray paint something (ever since he found my spray paint can stash) so he grabbed some blocks of wood and joined me.

I am ditching the old Van Gogh print (didn't everyone own one of these at some point??) and replacing it with a movie program from a favourite restored Art Deco theatre (the Astor Theatre - if I have any Melbourne readers) we used to frequent when we were young and starting out in Melbourne, Australia.  I have had this poster for just as long as the Van Gogh print I think.

I will show you it all framed up tomorrow - it is past my bedtime now... 

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