Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7 - deer frame

So, I have had this cool cutout (thank you, master jigsaw/scroll saw cutter Barry!) for a little while and was mulling over what colour to paint it and so on.  I was going to put it on a wall somewhere but like this better I think (shadow box frame, scrapbook paper behind, mdf cutout put on with mounting tape for depth).  It is my little nod to the midwest hunting culture.  I have a deer over my mantle too!  (sorry, hunters, but the thought of real hunting has me squirming....)

Barry, if you have any spare time, let me know and I can think of a whole other load of things I would like silhouette cutouts of!

Dang, I wish I knew how to take photos of pictures and rooms a whole lot better... they are hard!


  1. Love it!! Hunting Country chic. ;-)

  2. Well done, how cool is that. I'm with you, on taking photographs of pics on walls. I always get reflection. I once was an expat in the US and took up creativity in a frenzy. I am passionate about textiles. I love designing and making vintage inspired children's clothes.

  3. Love it in the shadow box frame, great pick for the paper behind it too.

    I hope you don't mind that I did a little feature on my blog of some new to me blogs and included yours. Have a great weekend!

  4. @ Lolo - thanks! I love that - 'hunting country chic'.
    @ Rowantree design - another Aussie! Thanks for dropping by!
    @ Lee - thank you! I wish I could get a decent bloomin' photo of it though..
    @ Selina - thanks for dropping by and thanks for the link love!



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