Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday goodies

Yesterday was my birthday and I just have to show you what two of my sisters sent me.  One sent me that gorgeous ceramic box with the wooden birdie lid.  I have been coveting a similar one and never even told her (good ol' sisterly esp).  She went to Bali recently and bought it there for me.  My husband and I honeymooned in Bali so that is really special for us.  This same sister also bought me a pair of really lovely silver and garnet earrings that I forgot to include in the photo.  Now I have two new pairs of favourite earrings (see the lovely pink pearl ones in the bag?).  Now, check out those soap boxes from my other sister!  I love the packaging for these.  Can you see the sparkle?  I don't think you can but there are little touches of glitter all over the illustrations.  Not only is the design on the box just delightful but glitter is involved.  Sigh, so lovely.  (ok, I do have a rather freakish love of boxes so that could explain my unnatural delight in these...)

I also love how the calendar my best friends here in the US bought me last Christmas has this as the October page...  very fitting!  I love this calendar so much that I will have to try and find the same style for next year.  The back of each page has a printed template of a fold up box or a mini file folder or things like that so you can reuse the pages.  Brilliant idea.

Now, it is my hubby's birthday today so I need to go and bake a cake!  (we made sure we married someone with almost the exact same birthdate so we couldn't forget.. we're planners like that)


  1. Hmmmm what sort of cake did you create? I did love the soap packaging.

  2. Awwww so sorry Im a day late wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Gorgeous goodies. Lee xx

  3. Thanks Lee!
    @Rowantree - can you believe, I totally forgot I had to babysit for my neighbour and didn't have time to make a cake! We have decided to celebrate on Sunday and bake a cake all together...

  4. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I love that calendar, too! great illustrations on it!

  5. Happy B-lated B-Day to the hubs! :) Soap boxes are too cute!



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