Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 19 - Fabric acorn tutorial

Remember these cute little guys?  I thought I would show you how I made them.  You probably don't need a tutorial for these but, hey, I have 31 days of blog posts to fill!

Cut out a little circle of fabric (I eyeballed it) and stitch around the outside (no prizes for neatness here - just get that gathering thread around there).  Pretty much how you would make a yo-yo.  Without the neatness.

Pull the gathering thread, add some stuffing inside as you gather.....

pull it tight and knot the thread.  I normally get it tighter than that so you can't see the stuffing but the little sucker slipped as I tied the knot.  It is getting squished into something so I am not too perturbed.

Take your selection of acorn caps and shove it into a few to see which one fits best.

After you have chosen the cap, take the little fabric ball out, squirt some glue into the acorn cap....

and squish the little ball back in there.  Let dry and then do 10,000 more to fill a small apothecary jar... (anyone have some more acorn caps???)

This post brought to you as part of Blogtoberfest.


  1. Ha! Where did you find the acorns? How many days left for blogtoberfest? Just sitting here with my cuppa wondering what to blog about today!

  2. I always knew I should have started picking up all those acorn caps laying all over the ground up in our local mountains! I may have to try to sneak some time to get up there before the snows begin! ! ! Thanks for the idea and tutorial! You're doing a great job with the Blogtoberfest! Go, Catherine! :)

  3. Gorgeous tutorial, thank you so much. Lee xxx



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