Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving on my mind

Well, Blogtoberfest has ended and I really enjoyed it.  I am quite happy with my effort even if I did miss the last day!

Did you all survive Halloween ok?  We really had fun.  It was hectic but a great deal of fun.  For our kids there is always that element of 'is this the last time I get to do this?' as well.  We never know where we will be in the next year so we really enjoy these things while we can.  For the record, Halloween in Australia (well, from when I lived there anyway) is not very big.  Some people might have fun Halloween parties, might decorate a little bit and so on but nothing like here in North America.  Trick or treating is pretty uncommon too.  It is gaining traction though so maybe it might be more popular when we get back.  It doesn't feel quite the same though as it is usually already hot by the end of October so the whole autumn atmosphere is missing.  Anyway, that never stopped us from putting fake snow in our windows at Christmas even in sweltering heat!  We are funny (odd?) like that.

Well, now that Halloween is over, we get to think about Thanksgiving coming up and then Christmas.  In the spirit of that, I will show you what I have pinned for inspiration for Thanksgiving so far.

Definitely making these for the kids...

Might use some of my blue mason jars like this for our table decoration.

My little fabric acorns would look cute hanging from branches!

I would love to build a little black bench for the front porch (need to do that before my garage gets too cold!).

I love this card.  I think I might buy it just to frame.  The illustration work is so cute and vintage'y (that is a word...).

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  1. I love those mason jars...they're so simple yet so pretty.

  2. love the gold pumpkins



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