Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sharpie softies

Here is the Easter Sunday craft I did with Princess E, oops, I mean, 'Sport-E' (a change of name has been requested as she never did like princesses much....I think I will go with Sporty Girl instead).

We made Sharpie softies.  This idea has been around for ages I know but this is our first attempt at it.  I tried to interest Lord A in this activity but he wasn't feeling the vibe.  Maybe another day.

We just drew with coloured Sharpie's on white cotton, placed it face down on some backing fabric, stitched around the general image (remembering to leave a hole for the stuffing to go through), stuffed them and I stitched up the hole.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Sporty Girl has asked to do them again after school today so I am very happy to oblige.  She has been on a crafting hiatus which has been most distressing for me!  All attempts at forcing encouraging her to craft with me have fallen flat.  I was worried it had something to do with a few crafting sessions ending in being a less than bonding experience shall we say.....

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  1. How cute is that. I definitely want to do that with my kiddos!



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