Monday, April 12, 2010

Ric rac dahlia hairclips

I saw these absolutely GORGEOUS ric rac dahlia's over at my blogosphere friend, LoLo's, blog awhile ago and have been dying to try it out.  Problem is, all I have is one teeny little bit of ric rac (less than 1m).  So, I decided to make life difficult for myself and make teeny little dahlia's for hairclips.  Honestly, they weren't too bad but I am sure bigger ones wouldn't be so fiddly.  Also, I am pretty sure my ric rac is poly cotton and not as nice and soft as 100% cotton so that made it a bit trickier too.  Anyway, despite that, I am really happy with how these turned out!  It was hard to get a staggered effect so I kind of lost the actual 'dahlia' effect a bit but all in all it still worked fine.  I love the effect of using a patterned ric rac too.  I will be making a large one for a brooch for myself as soon as I get access to some more.

Here is the back.  I added a felt circle that I cut slits into, put onto my hairclips and then glued and stitched onto the back of the ric rac dahlia.

Also, I just noticed that I have made my century in followers (cricketing reference for people who know anything about cricket) so, to celebrate and say thanks, I think I will hold a giveaway in the next couple of days.  Stay tuned!


  1. These are very pretty. I may try one for myself as there wont look to good in my boys hair lol x

  2. They turned out sooooo cute! And your way of attaching them to hairclips is so clever!! It will take me a few days to figure out exactly how you did it...but I will prevail. :-)

    (Oh! Oh! I just figured it out! AND added bonus? Since you didn't glue the flower to the clip, it could totally be taken off and attached to a safety pin and worn as a brooch! Can I steal this idea?? Because I have about 7 dahlias that are awaiting their fate...and I'm having a hard time deciding between Brooch and Clip for them. If I did it your way, I wouldn't HAVE to decide!)

  3. So cute! I love the patterned ric-rac. We don't have them here :p



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