Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easiest cushion cover ever

I love this method of making cushion covers.  It is dead easy and so satisfying to whip them up in ten to twenty minutes.  No zippers or buttonholes either.  That is always a good thing!  Please excuse the bad lighting in these photos - it was just one of those days with weird patchy cloud cover and I didn't have time to wait for the exact right lighting for each shot.

Firstly, I just cut out a length of fabric a little bit wider than my cushion insert and long enough to wrap around with an overlap of about 10cm (4in).

Then I finished off the short ends with an ironed, folded and stitched hem.  Actually, one of my hems was a selvedge so I ended up only doing one.

Then I wrapped it around the cushion firmly with the right side facing in, pinned the overlap and slid the cushion insert out so I had the correct sizing.  I overlapped it so that my finished hem would be on the outside once it was turned inside out.  If you hem both ends this won't matter so much.

Then you just stitch the sides up.  I prefer to use an overlocker for this step but I don't have access to one where I am so I just stitched it normally.  Ha ha, look how wonky my fabric is.  I pre-washed this fabric and it went a bit twisty when it dried - not sure how that happened.  Anyway, once it is stretched over a cushion insert it doesn't matter.

Then you are done, just turn it inside out and put your insert inside.  This is how it looks from the front and back.

I cannot wait until we move to somewhere near some decent fabric shops so I can redo these in some funky fabric instead of brown!  Not that there is anything wrong with brown but it is just not me really.  I am a colour girl through and through...


  1. Hi, I haven´t commented yet this year but I´m always reading... I wanted to ask you if you are moving inside Uruguay or changing countries?

    Good luck with that!


  2. H Patricia! We are leaving Uruguay. Just waiting for confirmation of where we are going to.... Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Well I was very happy to have you close... I´ll keep visiting your blog from your new destination!

    Good Luck and hope you keep a good memory of South America!

    (and yes, I´m the same person but writing from two different Google profiles!)

  4. Oh, so sweet!!! I really want to make some covers for my sofa throws...but the pillows have flat sides. d'oh!

    I'm keeping this tutorial, though! I might make some pretty throws for the kids' beds....

    (I'll be linking, too, on Suburban Housewife Uprising. :-))



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