Friday, April 2, 2010

Free Printable Paper - More Dots!

I can't seem to get away from dots right now.  Just about everything I design or want to make has polka dots in there somewhere.  Not sure why but what the hey.  Here is another dotty design.  This file has three pages with different colourways.  Enjoy!  I am going to start a pattern of the month and, once I work out how to redesign my blog with 3 columns I will put them there for easy access.

Paper - Dot Grid

p.s.  did you notice my cool Easter header designed by my darling daughter?  she is so adorable and so proud of her design for my blog.


  1. Adore the new artwork up top!!!

    (And your dotty paper is quite nice as well. ;-))

  2. Your Daughter shall be managing your blog for you real soon. She is fab at this. Perhaps she should go into blog design. Great job Princess E x



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