Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Felt keychain

First things first, note to self:  Never announce a giveaway unless you have already made the item and done the tutorial and have them ready to post!!!  Before life gets in the way...  Yeesh.

Here is a quickie post while I can squeeze in 5 mins between bathing kids.  This is a felt keychain I made my niece as part of a birthday present (even if I can't get the whole present made I usually like to add in something handmade).  I was inspired by these by Aisyah over at My Tinker Space (she has loads of great tutorials and crochet patterns and other stuff - go check her out!).  I have seen these around the traps quite a bit and used these cute ribbon offcuts to inspire my felt circle colours.  This was super easy and I love doing the handstitching around the circles.  So relaxing to me. I really like how this one turned out but am not 100% happy with the proportions so will try another one as well.

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