Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aaarrrgghhh, the removalists are nearly here.....

Well, things are pretty frantic here of course.  The removalists are coming tomorrow morning at 8.30am to commence packing.  Oh, this is so not my favourite part about moving.  I just have to keep in mind that in one week we will be in our new city (and country).

Well, I did complete most of my 'meaning to finish' projects but I don't have time to put them all into a blog post with this very loud clock ticking in my head.  I will leave you with just one.

This is my second little sock owl (number one is up there in my banner right now) which I made for a dear friend who just had a baby.  I changed his eyes a little bit but that is about it.  He is sitting on a little blanket I was going to make but, as I don't have access to the correct needle etc. (and I am scared of sewing interlock), I took the fabric I bought to a 'merceria' (a tailor/haberdashery place) and had them make it up to my measurements etc.  I really love that soft coloured spotty pattern.  I am so happy with how this gift turned out.

Ok, well that is it from me for awhile, I will be busy probably most of this week with packing and relocation stuff.  Wish us luck (and speedy ships to get our stuff to the US)!


  1. Your little owl is very sweet.

    Good luck with your packing and move!

  2. Good luck, lady!!!!! I wish the timing had worked out - we were JUST in your "new city" in May!

    Still, have a SAFE journey....and good luck with everything!!!!!!!!!

  3. i really like the polkadot fabric too. N the owl looks cute n matches the blanket. Have a safe move :-)

  4. It´s great to hear you are finally moving, it´s very very stressing but at least you know when and where you are going.. and it´s the us so you´ll have access to everything! No more needing to come to this side of the river anymore!!!
    Good Luck and I´m very very happy that I will still be able to know about you here on your fantastic blog!

    (The one in Argentina from a different e-mail)

  5. Thanks gals!
    @ LoLo - we are very excited now!! the packing is going very well so only 5 days to go ....
    @ Pato - I can only imagine what sort of craft stuff will be available!! woo hoo!! So sad I never got to see you over in BA though. We never got over there nearly often enough...

  6. Have a safe trip and good luck settling in a new place! I'm sure both kids and you will love it :)



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