Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I would have posted this sooner (like actually on the day) if I didn't have trouble getting the images off my camera card.

This gorgeous little leather apple purse was given to me by my kids.  I love apples so much so this is perfect.  I was going to use it as my main purse but it really is just too small for that because I can't fit any cards in.  I think I will use it as my 'shove in my pocket' purse when I am out flea market shopping or something.  I forgot to take a photo of the beautiful cards and pictures my kids made for me too.  Like every Mum, I truly think they are the best part of the gift.

This is what I bought myself for Mother's Day (what? you don't buy yourself a mother's day gift?  well you should!).  I love 'my' jeweller.  These are so cute and I have worn them every day since.  Apparently peridot green goes with everything!  Well, even if it doesn't, too bad!  I love them!  I might use another exclamation mark!

A belated Happy Mother's Day everyone.


  1. WOW! That purse is adorable. I want one, I need one I MUST have one x

  2. Um, guilty as charged! I bought myself a sweet little pair of RED slingback heels for Mother's Day from DSW. They even have a cute little flower on the toe. So cute! We Mom's totally deserve it! So good for you! A hard workin', creative Mom like you deserve those pretty little numbers! You go girl! Camille

  3. i think the apply purse is cute and really neat.


  4. I love exclamation marks too! Oh and I love those earrings! ... And the apple purse is so adorable!
    Donna :) :)



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