Friday, May 14, 2010

'Meaning to Finish' Project Week - day whatever

I barely even know what day it is, let alone keeping up with project days right now!  ha ha.

Ok, well, I am making some progress.  I haven't exactly been powering through mod podge land yet but I have completed a few things to show you.

The kids did more of the Sharpie Softies (Lord A did one too - so cute!) awhile ago and I hadn't finished them off for them so they were happy to cuddle them finally.

I covered a plain little craft box to make a gift box for the girly hair bow for my friend.  My little box went from this:

to this:

I really love that effect of the two different patterns for the box and lid.

Next up is a DIY padded mailing envelope.  I can't buy padded envelopes for posting gifts and so on at the moment (this is a veeeeery long story....) so I made my own using a regular office supply envelope.....

some bubble wrap cut into two rectangles and made into a pocket by using clear packing tape to seal 3 sides....

and then pop them into the envelope and bob's your uncle!

Love it.  Oh, I forgot to take a photo of my snazzy label I made.  I will do that another day with another parcel I have to send.

I also bought one of those plastic organiser boxes (like the ones for beads) to organise my stationery but I am pretty sure you don't want to see a picture of that (although I do have very cute squirrel clips and penguin paperclips!).  Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. You've won an award! Pls come over to my blog to receive it.

  2. those sharpie softies are so unique. great idea!

  3. I love that covered box! I made one of those a few months ago and it's my fav!


    P.S. How did you know that Bob was my uncle? Is he your uncle too? heheheheheh (I love love love that saying)!

  4. Your post about the bubble mailer reminded of a tutorial I saw several years ago about "bubble mailers". I looked back and finally found the link. These were so cute and thought you may be interested in checking it out.



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