Saturday, September 5, 2009

Felt flower brooch - felt flower series

I am a little obsessed with making felt flowers just now.  They are so easy and you can get so many different effects - what's not to like really?  So, along the lines of my previous post of six things to use them for and the kick off one yesterday, here is the continuing second part of the series.  Over the next week or so I will post more uses for them as I get them done.

For this flower, I used two petal layers and a simple button centre.  Out of interest, and for perspective, the bottom layer petals are 6.5cm long and I used 9 individual petals and the second layer is 5cm long and I used 7 individual petals (I wouldn't normally use that many but these petals are skinny).  I did make a third layer but the flower was just getting too thick by then so I didn't use it.  I didn't make a pattern or anything - just cut the first petal out to the shape you are thinking of and then use that as your pattern for the others.  Felt is very forgiving so don't be too concerned about getting them all perfect.

Then I just stitched a safety pin to the back because I don't have access to proper brooch findings.

I added a drop of glue over the stitches to hold it all in place securely.

I love these brooches attached to a tote bag just as much as on a coat.  You could pop them on a lot of things really.  Let me know if you make one!


  1. Hi, They look lovely!
    I always want to drop you a line so this is the first time, in order to tell you I´m very close (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and I understand that there are many resources here (not as much as in Australia but for sure more than in Uruguay) so if there´s something you want me to send you or help you find I´ll be glad to do it.
    I like your blog very much!
    Please e-mail me if you feel like it.

  2. Thanks so much Patricia! My shopping list is being written right now.... Besos, Catherine

  3. love love love these. gonna have to try it myself.



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