Friday, September 4, 2009

Play watch for kids

Here are the instructions for how to make a cute little play watch.  The first photo is the one I have done for the tutorial and the second one is the original I made for my daughter many moons ago.  For the original I just used a liquid paper pen to add the 'watch face' if  you can call it that.  It has nearly worn away now but it has lasted well considering I made it at least 5 yrs ago as a quick problem solver for a toddler desperate for a watch like Mummy's and has been worn a lot.  Lord A (nearly 4 yrs old) now tries to get it as well.
All you need is some wide elastic, a large'ish button with a flat side, needle and thread and a permanent marker of some sort.

Then I couldn't resist adding in a cute little felt flower just to girlie it up a bit.

Measure around your child's wrist and allow a little for overlap.

Stitch through the overlap securely.  You could use a sewing machine if you want but I did it by hand and it is very fast.

Use your marker to draw in your clock face.  I decided to add numbers to this one.  I also used the wrong side of the button because it gave me a flatter surface.

Layer the button and flower over the join in the elastic and stitch through all thicknesses to secure.  I used the green sharpie to colour over the white thread too.  As a safety note, I used a double thread and stitched the button on very securely.  Definitely do this if you are making this for a toddler.


  1. what a terrific idea!! My 16-month old is so facinated with braclets and watches, she's sure to love this. It will be so easy for her to take on and off! Good idea! :)

  2. This is such a great idea! My little girl has been wanting a watch ever since the neighbor girl got one...and I have been too cheap to go get one. This is such a great idea! love love love it!


  3. This is a brilliant idea!! I love that the strap is made of elastic so that the child can easily take it off and put it on.

    I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  4. Wow, it looks almost like the lunchbox strap I made recently! Love the idea of making a watch this way :)

    You may want to take a look here:


  5. Hey Margot, thanks for your comment. I checked yours out - how funny!! They look very similar. Have fun making a watch and I will remember to use one if I ever use a lunch box like this too.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! I featured this tutorial on my sewing blog!

  7. What a great Craft idea! We will surely try this with our Daughter on our 'Craft Wednesdays' :-)



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