Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to create your own desktop inspiration board

I have been creating my own desktop collage 'inspiration boards' for awhile now and thought I would share the process with you so you can make one too. This picture is just an example for this instruction. I collect images from all over - other blogs, magazine sites, favourite store sites, etc. I really love seeing a collage of inspiring images when I turn my computer on. It brightens up my workspace and just makes me happy really. I have a PC using Microsoft products. This is all I know so, sorry, can't give instructions for anything else.

Here is how I do it:

1. Open a new presentation in Powerpoint.
2. Insert images from your computer (if you have an inspiration folder of collected images like me!) or copy them from favourite websites etc.
3. Move them around and resize them until it looks good to you. I also change which images are overlapping the other by using the Draw, Order, Bring Forward function (in the drawing toolbar).
4. Once the layout is finished, highlight the total selection and copy (Ctrl+C). The images should cover the whole slide (evenly around the edges).
5. Open the Paint program (or an equivalent) and Paste (Ctrl+V). This changes the images into one picture file (a bitmap file).
6. Save to your computer in an easy to find folder.
7. To install on your desktop, click the right mouse button on the desktop and choose Properties.
8. A window should pop up with tabs across the top. Choose Desktop.
9. This should show a list of images for displaying on your desktop under Backgrounds. Choose the Browse button on the right and find your newly created bitmap file. Click Open and then OK.

It should be there for you to enjoy now! If you have any problems or don't understand something, let me know and I will try and troubleshoot as best I can.


  1. I love this!! I always save pictures for inspiration that I find in random places around the web and they always end up jumbled up with my other photo's. So it will be wonderful to turn on my computer and have the pic's right there! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I know, I love seeing a bunch of my favourite things when I turn my computer on. Thanks for dropping by!



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