Thursday, August 20, 2009

DIY dimensional felt stickers

This idea came about with a request from Princess E to make some stickers for her collection. Sticker collecting is all the rage at her school and she loves the textured ones but the selection of stickers to buy here in Montevideo is very, very limited. Most of the kids are relying on relatives/friends who are travelling to other places to bring some back or for wonderful aunties who post whole bunches of them (thanks muchly to my wonderful sisters!). So, after doing a simple apple for Princess E, I thought it would be fun to make more that you could use in scrapbooking or card making or wherever you want really.

Firstly, get some reasonably stiff card and draw a general outline of the image you want to make up. As you can see, you don't have to worry about being too neat because it will be covered anyway. Cut your outline out.

Cut out the various shapes from felt. Make the shapes a little bit bigger than the card so you can't see the card afterwards. I cut a bunch of little felt 'twigs' to make my little nest.

Apply just normal craft glue all over your cutout and put your felt pieces into position. Don't be skimpy on the glue because felt absorbs quite a bit. It dries clear so don't be too concerned about seeing the glue initially. Because mine got a bit fiddly I used large tweezers to help place my little 'twigs'. I also made one stitch through the head using two strands of brown embroidery floss for his little eye. I didn't knot it in back or anything - just stitched it through and cut it off close on the back. I figured the glue would hold it there. You could also just dot it with a pen, make a french knot or glue on a bead. Whatever takes your fancy.

Once it is dry, turn it over and apply patches of double sided mounting tape.

Use it in your scrapbooking or embellish simple little cards (like above) or gift tags.

I will show you tomorrow how to do something similar but with paper only.



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