Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Topics To Do List Notebook

I came across this great free printable for a 'Blog topics to post' to do list from Erin Vale Design (via a Printable Roundup from the oh so wonderful One Pretty Thing) and it has been getting used a lot around here. Such a simple idea but so handy! Anyway, I decided to pretty mine up a bit rather than keep the original printed page folded in three that I keep doodling all over....here is how I did it.

Firstly I printed out a number of sheets (there are 3 lists per page - I printed out 5 pages) and trimmed them down to stack. I then cut out a piece of cardboard in the same shape for the back.

I stacked the paper on top of the cardboard, lined them up and stapled through it all at the top (ok, who else straight away noticed the staples are not straight... :-) ).

Then I cut a strip of decorative paper a shade wider than the stack and a bit longer. I have used my free printable dotty garland paper.

I lined up the front bottom sides and folded the leftover top bit back around to the back. I have done two creases so the paper will sit flat over the notebook.

Then glue it to the back....

turn over and put near your computer for jotting down those ideas as they come to you! (and make mental notes to yourself about doing something about that ugly mouse mat)


  1. such a great idea and so simple! great post :)

  2. I've been using these lists since they were posted. I love your idea. Such a great way to keep it organized.



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