Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make your own knitting needles, mushroom style

Here is project number two with our fun little button plugs.  Knitting needles!  I visited a Waldorf school once and they showed me how they made their own knitting needles by sanding down the ends.  I just sped up the process a bit with the pencil sharpener.

Take some dowel (mine is approx. 12 in/30cm long and about 10mm in diameter but use whatever width you like of course).  Glue a button plug to one end.

Stick the other end in a pencil sharpener....

Until it looks like this.

Gently sand the point down until there are no sharp edges and you have a soft point....

Like this....

and then paint your button plugs to look like mushrooms (or ladybugs).

Too cute!  Now I just need to learn how to knit...(I am totally not kidding).


  1. These are very, very cute! I am learning to knit from an American School of Needlework booklet, "Learn to Knit in Just One Day", that I believe I picked up from a Michael's store a couple of years ago. It has very clear instruction and diagrams. So far, so good! I think any knitter would be delighted to have a set of these!

  2. Oh my, this is absolutely adorable. On my To Make list for sure!

    I taught myself to knit with the Debbie Stoller knits. Nowadays there's a billion how-to's on youtube. I've also checked out plenty of crochet and knit books from the library.

    Thanks for sharing your project! It's brilliant!



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