Saturday, November 21, 2009

Post-it note cozy

I have officially given up on my handmade Christmas this year.  The sheer frustration of not being able to find the exact materials I need combined with having to be organised enough to get things finished weeks ahead of time to post got the better of me!  What I was intending on doing was making about 5 to 6 small/medium items for each person and presenting them kind of 'bento box' style - all in cute little boxes in one larger box.  I should add here that my handmade gifts were only going to be made for my Mum, sisters and nieces so I wasn't planning on making 100 of these or anything.  There are some things I could have completed quite easily so I am going to feature them over the coming days so you can use them as stocking/present fillers too.  My family hopefully will have forgotten them all by the time they receive them next year (if I haven't changed my mind of course)!

First cab off the rank is this little post-it note cozy (how do I add in the TM symbol next to that??).  Very simple idea but looks really cute.

Firstly you cut a piece of paper the exact width of your post-it note block and the necessary length to wrap around and provide some overlap.  My paper length was 20.5cm.

Next, place your block on top off centre so that there is a longer flap to fold over the front.  Make some preliminary creases where it will wrap around and then crease them sharply.

I also rounded off the corners.  If you have one of those nifty round corner craft punches that would be perfect but I don't so I just used my glue stick as a guide and cut the corner off carefully.

At this point, apply glue to the back of your post-it note block and stick it to the paper.  Grab some adhesive backed velcro dots and stick two opposing dots together on one side of the flap then stick it down so they line up perfectly.  I think white velcro dots might look better with a lot of patterns but black was all I had.

Close your cute little cozy and you are done!  This would be cute with a nice pen as a gift for a teacher too I think.


  1. That is an easy and great looking quick gift. Thank you! I spotted this on One Pretty Thing.

  2. I think that is so cute! I am trying to come up with a few little things like this to make my daughters and nieces. I have tons of Stampin' Up supplies I can use. Thanks for the idea!

  3. super cute! i have a friend who is a nut for office supplies and this looks like just the gift for her!
    thanks for the idea!

  4. Very cute ♥ I'm with you on the frustration that sometimes comes along with handmade seasonal gifts.

  5. Hi,

    Found the link for this from One Pretty Thing.

    This is a terrific idea. I am on the look out for quick fix pressies. Now to the shops for some post-its.

    Been looking around your blog. Got a few more present ideas now too. Thanks.

    Glenyce, Victoria, Australia

  6. Thanks everyone! I hope to have some more easy present ideas up soon.

  7. brilliant!!! what a lovely tutorial!

  8. Simple and very effective! Love the teacher idea! Too cute. Thanks

  9. This is a great idea... perfect for my desk! Thanks for posting it



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