Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas sacks

This is how I am going to be using my printable Christmas paper this year for little gifts for my friends (maybe I will stuff them with some decorated cookies).  I made the little sack just like my gift bag with one change.  I didn't bother folding the top edge of paper down to reinforce for hole punching as I just folded down the top twice using the peg to secure (like a little lunch sack).  I then cut out a tag shape and used my snowflake stamp.  I love how these turned out!  My other ideas include card making (of course), present wrapping, printing on card to make gift tags, ball ornaments and paper lantern ornaments.  I might even try to make those gorgeous little origami boxes I have seen around the place.  I would love to see other ideas for the paper too so make sure you let me know how you use it.


  1. i just dropped in from oneprettything. Just love your cool ideas. I noticed you live in South America, may i ask which country you live in? I've been living in Paraguay since i was 10 years old. Hugs, from the chacogirl, Brenda

  2. Thanks Chacogirl! I am living in Uruguay (since June last year).



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