Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Tree

After a week of silence, three posts in one day...  I am getting them in while I can!

This is something I have been working on as a present for awhile and finally gave it to our dear friends (and pseudo family) here in Uruguay.  I drew the patterns freehand and then used an xacto knife to cut them all out.  I scanned the bird image into my computer and then printed it onto the blue paper.  I did graduate the sizes to show relative age differences in the children and I also wrote each person's name in black pen above the legs on the body of the bird.  The blue leaf on the bottom right hand side has their family name on it.  Below is a closeup of the bird detail.  This is in a frame but I took it out for the picture (darn reflective glass!).  I am pretty happy with how it turned out and will make one for my own family now!  What do you think?

I just rubbed out their names in Paint - if that looks weird...


  1. this is adorable!! I have been looking for a creative way to make a family tree. I love the little birds!

  2. oh! this is so cute!! thanks for the visit and means so much to me! and yes, i think you need a hedgehog soon, too! ;)

  3. I LOVE this! Well, you know my obsession with birds, but this is so incredibly cute!! Did they just love it?

  4. Thanks gals! They did love it and now I want to make one for myself. I can't get enough of trees with different coloured leaves either...



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