Monday, October 5, 2009

Emma's present

I made this present for our dear friend's daughter's birthday this last week (she was, and is, 9).  I had so much fun putting it together too.  I was going to just give her a plain notebook (well, a prettied up plain one!) but then I saw the idea for a 'Things I Like' journal over at The Mama Dramalogues and thought that would be perfect.  I am going to make one for Princess E now I like it so much.  Here are the elements for the total package:

1. a 'Things I Like' Journal (I covered this in my 'dotty garland' free printable paper and printed the label onto sticker sheets)

2. a pretty 'mushroom' pencil (you can find out how to do that here - I love these!!  If only I could get those lovely natural coloured pencils - I will be buying up big on those when I go home for Christmas!)

3. a felt flower elastic band for keeping the journal closed (just a smaller version of my flower gift box band)

4. a coordinating bookmark (I printed my 'dotty garland' paper onto cardstock and then cut two rectangles which I sandwiched around a larger piece of pink card.  I cut out the pink card using scalloped edge scissors.  I glued them all together, punched a hole in the top and added a yarn 'tassel')

5. a bundle of personalised bookplates (I designed these in MS Powerpoint and printed them on cardstock) and;

6. a denim and button flower hair tie (this flower made in the same way as the felt flower above with the addition of two stacked buttons and sewn onto a hair tie).

I also made a little gift bag to hold it all and I will show you how to make these custom gift bags yourself (hopefully tomorrow).  My 'E' was a bit wonky, oops!

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