Saturday, June 27, 2009

What we do when Daddy is away...

I have been MIA lately because DH has been away on an extended business trip. It is hard for me to get any crafting done myself but here is what I have been up to with the kids to try and pass the time until Daddy gets home. We made this sign when DH went on an extended trip last year (while we were still in Malaysia - which is why the home looks very different). I used an A4 sheet of paper for each letter and drew an outline for the first few and then Princess E took over once she had the idea. She then coloured in each letter, we hole punched the corners and threaded some thick string through. I used Command 3M removable hooks to hang it across the doorway (I love those things!). I hope I kept it and can find it for this welcome home this coming week! Otherwise I am sure Princess E will have fun making another one. Lord A the III might even join in this time.

In the meantime, Lord A has been doing simple sticker pictures (office supply sticker sheets and black paper - he also did some using coloured paper and page reinforcers - the little round white stickers - but I didn't get a photo of that one yet)...this is a great arty craft for the littlies.

and leaf stamping.

I have had this large box hanging around since we moved last year and it has taken on many forms. It was a house for awhile, then a cave, and here I have set it up on it's side so they could hammer nails into it (the moving carton cardboard is thick enough to provide some resistance but still makes it easy enough for even a 3 yr old). I got this idea from the fabulous Filth Wizardry (don't you love that name?). Then this turned into another game of one hiding inside and trying to grab the nails I would be pulling out for them to hammer again. Then Lord A was playing with it for quite awhile before I checked on him and this is what I found....

He had emptied the shelves of whatever he could find and deposited it in the 'window' you do. Little darling...

We also made our own primitive little stamps by sticking adhesive backed foam shapes onto cardboard squares. They don't make the best stamps but it was fun doing them and just mucking around anyway.

We have been cooking our own homemade pizza (doing the dough from scratch - the kids love kneading!). Yum. (forgive the bad photo - taken at night under electric light)

I have also been making jigsaw puzzle sandwiches with the kids for their lunches. Such a simple idea (from Martha) but they absolutely love it! We just used a shaped cookie cutter in the centre and cut out to the edges in a few different spots. The kids love doing the cookie cutter part and then I scramble it before I put it on the table for them to put back together.

Anyway, we have another week to go, and school holidays just started, so my posting will be light on for awhile...


  1. Quote 'I have been MIA lately'

    Hi Mia. Love ya work. What did you do with Catherine? :)

  2. That is such a good idea - very cute!



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