Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Style Section

Ok, I was stretching there to get the alliteration going (in the title). I keep meaning to start a 'Friday Favourite Finds' (or Favourite Finds Friday..) regular post but Friday comes and goes and then it is Sunday and I remember again.... So, maybe next week it will make it for the more poetic alliteration day!

So, here is a little mixed collection of some of my favourite finds from Etsy mainly but also a couple of ring-ins (is that only an Australian term??).

How gorgeous is that tablescape up there (the photo above) which is the work of the very talented Amy Atlas (found via Apartment Therapy). She has lots of great ideas for presenting sweets beautifully (and other things probably - haven't passed the sweets pages yet).

I love this little guy (from The Runny Bunny on Etsy). I love the bird, I love the green (as you will see further down below as well). I can see him perking up my stark white walls and chocolate stained timber bookcases and leather lounge. I have been contemplating starting a collection of all white figurines but then I see this little guy. I have now been contemplating a green ceramic figurine collection....but when you move around like we do, I have to say just the thought of having more stuff to lug around is enough to stop me. Maybe, instead of a collection I could just have this one.....hmmm.

Isn't this hanging bird house just too sweet? I love the clean lines and the mushroom shape. Very earthy. The seller is mudpuppy on Etsy and they have loads of other ceramic stuff including those little miniature mushrooms so popular in terrariums right now.

I thought of my sister when I saw this chartreuse owl. Not sure why. I have no idea if she even likes owls but, seriously, whose home wouldn't benefit from the cheeriness of a chartreuse owl?? They (Fruit Fly Pie on Etsy) also have similar ones in bright orange and yellow and aqua. I thought of another sister for the yellow one. So darn gorgeous! I could handle the aqua one myself... (for those of you who are less adventurous with the colour aspect they also have them in calmer colours like celadon, buttercream and white).

Now, my sister may or may not have a thing for owls (yet) but I definitely have a thing for squirrels, as only a person who has never been near one (or had them in her garden) can. I love, love, love this necklace (from The Brass Hussy) and I would buy it in a heartbeat except for the glaring fact that I really don't like wearing necklaces that much! I have to force myself to wear the lovely selection that I have already. Or I put them on only to think they don't suit and then take them off again. Oh, but I love this.

Here is another talented person, whom I have only just discovered. Her name is Rebecca Thuss and she crafted these lovely party favours. There are many more to see on her website.

These lovely earrings I am just about to purchase for my sister-in-law's birthday. The lovely and talented Cate Holst has made them. Check out her shop. There are some beautiful items of jewellery as well as the most fantastic printable invites (seriously cute 3D type ones). I love her blog (A Work in Progress) as well - check it out.

Last but not least, I discovered yet another great blog (The Purple Pea) and loved this project she did with an old nightstand and some paper doilies. I thought this turned out great. Click here to see her before shot and get the tutorial on how she did it. She is very funny and I am really enjoying reading back through her posts.

Well, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my surfing labours! If I can extract my son from my leg this week I might even get some crafting done.....


  1. Hello, i agree with you about the squirrel necklace.....I love it as well. I know you were thinking of Sheryl with the owl but I have to say that I love it as well. I saw this lovely pair of pottery owls that had a hole at the back of them for a tealight candle and the front feathers were actually little holes. They were at Loot. I really looved them but actually refrained from buying them until I convinced myself that I desperatly needed them but alas they had sold when I went back.:(

  2. Oh no! I was thinking of you for the yellow owl. Would you prefer the green one? I think I was thinking of Sheryl just because of the colour description, chartreuse. We have always had a running joke about Sheryl's taste in offbeat colours. I love the chartreuse one as well and the celadon and.....I could go on!

  3. Hi Catherine!

    Thanks for posting about my nightstand! You are too sweet :) Please come and visit again soon!

    I am a huge bird fan and LOVE the cermaic ones!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting Haby G! Your site is just lovely, I also love that gorgeous fresh lime green owl & bird. Your honey jumble post brings back childhood memories of when mum would bake them. Haven't had them in ages!



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