Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kid's odds and ends

Someone kindly commented the other day about some of my organising tips and kid's room ideas so I thought I would share a few. Firstly, a couple of organising tips as that is one of my very favourite things to do (seriously, it is....).

I had a large flat'ish bottomed basket that I wasn't sure what to do with and decided to store little books in it for my daughter first, and now my son is using it. I didn't like the bumpy bottom that baskets naturally have so asked my good friend, Barry, to cut a rectangular piece of thin (I think it was 3mm) MDF to fit which I painted white. It provides a smooth surface so everything sits neatly and I am sure this idea would be great for many other things also.

I love finding old enamel bowls, baking dishes etc. at flea markets, thrift shops and so on and I use them for different storage if I don't use them in the kitchen. This one is for felt pens as I find my children really prefer to use them if they are standing up in a container rather than lying down (I originally had them in a lovely multicoloured woven basket lying down). All that sifting for the right colour must be too annoying.

One day I found some very cheap packets of felt shapes sold without the accompanying cute little felt board (that so many of them come with). Rather than buy another set with the board I decided to make a basic one myself just from a length of felt and a piece of thick cardboard. This has lasted a few years now and I won't feel guilty when the time comes to get rid of it! I simply cut a cardboard rectangle big enough for our chalkboard and glued the felt around it to the reverse side. Not so neatly so don't look too closely!

I also like to use the kid's own artworks for their rooms at times and I loved this picture Miss E drew last year for A so it is cheering up his room now. I just used an economical frame from Ikea and glued the picture to a frame sized piece of red card to give the impression of a mat.

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