Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, after a rather long absence on here I am back from holidays, over the jetlag and the kids are almost back in school. Today is a wonderfully cool rainy day and I would love nothing more than curling up in a big chair with a good book or a new magazine and a hot chocolate however seeing as I don't have a nice big chair, the ingredients for a hot chocolate or a good book I am going to steal a few minutes away from the kids to post an update! They are enjoying the rain too as you can see.

I seem to mainly be finding time for card making lately so I will show my latest attempts and also a 'vintage' project from my archives. How professional that sounds!

I have become a bit obsessed with russian dolls lately so I made a card with one. My hand drawn face is a bit wonky but once I get it right I will do it on the computer and make it look a bit spiffier. I need to work out how to take nicer photos of cards. Hmmm, another excuse to spend time surfing the internet! The left butterfly one is a readymade blank card with butterfly cutouts and I just glued a scrap of wrapping paper behind the cutouts and added antennae with felt pens and glitter glue. The other butterfly one is a readymade blank card with the square cutout and I have glued a gingham square behind it and then used mounting tape to stick 4 craft punched butterflies on top. Can you tell I love symmetry??

This is a photo of a very cheap Ikea clock that I changed the face of just using a pretty scrapbooking paper. Very easy to do but, if you feel tempted to try this, take the hands off in order and lay them down to go back on in order otherwise it could be a bit confusing once they are off. Could be. Just saying.....


  1. yay you !! looks fantastic ... love the name too :) and who's this hansen person ;)

  2. I am going incognito.... Thanks for the comment! How I have two comments! Don't look too closely at my photography efforts....

  3. hi catherine! thank you for the scrundilly-do! lurve and i would be delighted for you to link up. would love to see the memory game you make. happy march!



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