Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

Woo hoo, have I had some wonderful times in thrift stores lately!

Firstly I found this cute little bongo drum (which I recently saw in a catalogue for $25) for $4.

Then I found this gorgeous porcelain owl lamp.  Just $10 and it is in mint condition.

But lastly, I hit the mother lode yesterday.  All of this jadeite for $25!  I am still over the moon about it.

Anybody else had any thrift store luck?


  1. Bongo drums! ! ! How fun! Now . . . the question is . . . are they for you or the kiddos? ;-)

  2. mmmm loving the owl lamp. You will have to hide that when you come home. LOL

  3. @CraftyLoops, Lee, yes, I have had great luck lately. I think summer is definitely the time for it here - everyone must be clearing out.
    @Willow'sQuietCorner - ha ha, I love them just as much!
    @Lynette - I thought how much you would like it too! I will keep my eye out for another one (you know, to stop the potential thieving - lol).



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