Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrift Store Tuesday

Well, we are into day 5 of rainy weather so my projects are going nowhere (paint is involved in a few, sunlight is required for photos of others).  So, I thought I would share some thrift store finds I have had recently.

My son just loved this little chair (only $1.99!).  I am a sucker for a chair and it is in great condition. I am not even sure if I will recover the seat.  The red vinyl looks kind of cute for now.  I will remove the stickers and freshen up the wood though.  It is a folding chair and Jughead loves to show everyone how it works.

I needed a small mirror in our entry way and I liked the shape of this faux bamboo frame (99c).  It is getting a coat of paint (this is one of my half done projects) before it gets hung up.

I found this white painted timber paper sorter that fits scrapbook size paper as well ($8 - very solid and heavy).

I love white plant pots and this was looking really grubby in the thrift store (79c) but I liked the shape of it and it cleaned up just like new.  You can't see in these photos but it has a faint wine barrel pattern to it.  I bought some moss to cover the dirt of my plant and the kids just had to 'populate' it. They love doing that.  Anybody else have a million squinkies around??  I am not even sure if that is what they are called.  I am pretty sure this one is a cheap knockoff from one of those little bubblegum type vending machines.  I have a rooster and a penguin sitting on my kitchen windowsill too.

I found this coat rack for $3!  There is nothing wrong with it that I can work out and it is now hanging on the wall right where we come in from the garage - perfect!  Blessed be those who save me from a paint job I say.  I am going to cut out some pretty scrapbook papers for the label holders.

So, that is my haul over the last month or so.  I also grabbed some vintage buttons, more embroidery hoops and some sheets (cheap fabric).  I have a project coming up with one of the sheets so, once sunlight graces us with her presence again, I will show you.

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